Gloria Pets Safety Belt Hook

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Features Gloria Pets Safety Belt Hook

  • Reference8432288232798
  • ColorBlack, Purpure
  • BrandGloria Pets
  • Car AccessoriesConnectors,
  • Size2x28-45 cm

Description Gloria Pets Safety Belt Hook

Very useful to take your pet in the back seat without fail network or bars. On one end is hooked to the seat belt anchorage of the vehicle and the other end to petral animal (not used with necklace since in case of sudden braking can cause damage to the animal).
If you have more than one animal, it is very useful next to the dock for two or more dogs.
Size: 45cm x 20mm

Customer Reviews Gloria Pets Safety Belt Hook

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Yo lo llevo usando un par de semanas desde que lo compré y me va genial. Es corto, perfecto para que mi perrita no llegue a la parte de delante del vehículo. Buena calidad y precio ^^


Demasiado estrecho, y además o el mío llego defectuoso o no ancla al cinturón de seguridad. Es barato, pero de muy baja calidad.

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