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Cunipic for birds

Cunipic for birds

CUNIPIC is a family business, located in Vallfogona de Balaguer, a small village in the province of Lleida. Nowadays, our facilities are part of a breeding nucleus of pets with a total area of 5.000 m2.Empezamos our journey in 1994, creating animales, mainly rabbits and rodents. In a few years we became the leader of the Spanish marketplace for small pets, cone rabbits, cobayas, hamsters, chinchillas, etc.. In November 2005 diversified activity and also started to market with its own line of pet food, subsequently extended with care and hygiene products for women. We have our own farm where we grow vegetables, fresh hay and all the ingredients we use to manufacture our product range, already has more than a hundred references.

In 2010 create a plan for international expansion, which was a very important step for the company. We currently export to more than 30 countries, providing our customers with both quality as our pet food products and hygiene for them, betting, above all, by natural ingredients.

Our business philosophy is based on three pillars, passing through providing quality Pets, research to improve their welfare and food; work to educate and inform people to care for and respect their pets; and contribute to the development of society, generating quality jobs.

As creators, as farmers, definitely, experts, recommend and believe in our productos.Todos who work in CUNIPIC love animals. The great success of our company is to have created a world around small rodents. From shops to consumers, teach people to love and care for your pets, by having known and understood and given the opportunity to provide food and high quality products. Ultimately, what they deserve, neither more nor less.


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  • Published by Jennifer on 18/04/2023

    Is a perfect product for my rabbit. Is good for respiratory problems and avoid allergies

  • Published by Ellie on 27/02/2023

    I have a Netherland dwarf who's prone to stasis and digestive upsets from stress. This food seems to agree with him and encourages him to eat more hay, when used as a forage.

  • Published by Ellie on 27/02/2023

    Not as soft as I was expecting. My mice don't like it for nesting, so I just mixed it with their usual litter.

  • Published by Emely on 19/08/2022

    So amazing love this product helped my guinea pigs so much love this product 100%%%% recommend!!!!

  • Published by Irina on 17/01/2022

    My rabbit like it very much

  • Published by Mégane C. on 30/12/2021

    My rabbit loves it and it was recommended by my vet !

  • Published by Ginger W. on 28/06/2021

    It’s a good vitamin that increases the ferrets appetite but they dislike him its taste.

  • Published by Ginger W. on 28/06/2021

    Good product and effective on my pets

  • Published by Mike Grove on 19/01/2021

    Cheaper than a vets bill!
    We have a bunny whose teeth are wonky, so grows at an angle (he had 2 visits to the vet within 2 months to have his teeth ground down, but since having Cunipic dental - he hasn't been back to the vets!)
    We tried multiple hay companies but he eats this stuff. great find, great food.
    A special thankyou to Miscota who are still delivering to the UK after Brexit!
    (Harleys food arrived within 5 days!)

  • Published by Alessia B. on 27/09/2013

    I 'm really glad to find The Cuniic Squirrel food on your shop on line, speciallly for my two micro squirrel/pigmy dormice, they totally love this brand

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